Beyond a Textbook

Welcome to Professor Nina Sacharias’ Radiology: Beyond a Textbook, an interactive radiology teaching series.

The tutorials are available for viewing after you purchase a subscription. There is an overview of the series in the demonstration.

The series began as lectures targeted to undergraduate medical students learning clinical radiology, but has since grown to encompass a broader range of topics including many of interest to radiology registrars studying for fellowship examinations.

Using over 1800 high-quality images taken from original films archived in the Nina Sacharias Film Library at the Alfred and hours of recorded voice, Radiology: Beyond a Textbook leads the student through describing films, recognising normal appearances, specific pathological appearances and provides clinical correlation for the cases.

The reference collection covers the abdomen, angiography, bones & joints, the cardiovascular system, the chest, chest pain & trauma, fractures of the spine & limbs, the gastrointestinal system, causes of headache, the hepatobiliary system, mammography, the renal tract and the respiratory system.

This collection provides a complete reference for first year radiology trainees as well as trainee surgeons, physicians, emergency physicians, anaesthesiologists and physiotherapists. The material is accessible enough to also be used for undergraduate medical students.

The introductory collection covers imaging modalities, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

This collection provides an overview for undergraduate medical students and provides a basis for investigating the reference collection.