Beyond a Textbook

Security & Privacy

Radiology: Beyond a Textbook takes your online security and privacy seriously.


Radiology: Beyond a Textbook is strongly committed to preventing online fraud, which is damaging to our business as well as to our customers.

To reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions using payment details you supply to us, we do not store these details at any time. Your payment processing is handled by our payments processor,, who comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, developed by leading card issuers. The standard requires companies that accept card purchases adhere to strict security protocols to ensure customers are protected.

Our own systems incorporate a number of checks and precautions to maintain integrity, such as using secure communication channels to prevent eavesdropping. This applies to both the web site and the presentation software.


Radiology: Beyond a Textbook does not on-sell your subscription details. As previously stated, when purchasing a subscription your details are processed by our card payments partner, using security standards endorsed by major card issuers.

Information that may be stored temporarily or permanently on the web server is detailed below. No information is shared with third parties except for purchase details which are provided to the payments processor, for the express purpose of making the payment. We do not on-sell your personal information.

Session Cookie
While browsing the site, you may be prompted to save a cookie to enable the site to track your session. Session tracking involves storing a unique number in your browser that is used to differentiate between the many users accessing the site at once.
The number does not contain personal information, but links to a stored session on the web server which may contain personal information.
If you block this cookie, the site will attempt to work around this restriction by encoding the session id into the URLs used in site navigation. This approach is not as well-tested as using cookies, however, and some site functions may be limited.
Locale Cookie
As described on the region settings page, it is possible to store a cookie in your browser that tells our site what your preferred region profile is. This information cannot identify you.
Session Tracking
At times, a session record is established on the server to keep track of information you have already entered during your visit.
The session may remember details of your account, such as your name and email address, as well as details of a purchase you are in the process of making. When making a payment, your card details are not stored by our site at all. When your visit ends your session record is removed from the server.
Registration and Purchasing
When registering, the details requested (name, email and password) are stored on our server. If a purchase is made, details are also retained to permit a repeat invoice to be produced. Payment details (i.e. credit card details) are not stored on our server at any time.
Access Logging
As with most web servers, each page loaded is recorded to provide usage and error statistics. These logs record your IP (network address), the time, and the page accessed. Unless you have turned off cookies, your session id is not recorded. Details from forms completed on the site are not recorded in the logs.